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Tonebomb Massage Roller

Color: Pink

Relieve Muscle Tightness In Minutes

This multifunctional massager is the perfect fitness tool! Great for reducing cellulite and relieving muscle pain. Tonebomb helps the whole body after a tough workout.

The four ergonomic rollers revitalize sore muscles and reliefs pain anywhere around the arms, forearms, elbows, legs, calves, or neck.

Its flexible design makes it easy to use all around the body. Getting in those hard to reach areas that a foam roller just can't seem to get,

Lightweight and portable design allows you to carry it anywhere. So you can be prepared for any workout without walking around with a huge foam roller in your bag.

In 15 minutes you can remove pain,  cellulite, and tightness all around your body. Tonebomb helps you live a more toned life.

Key benefits

Dual Angle Function- Allowing you to get in the most difficult areas and massage the muscle from different angles. So you can relieve all those aches and pains around the muscle.

Massage & Relaxes- All those tightness and aches you feel around your muscles in various areas. Relaxing stiffness and aches surrounding the muscles

Convenient- Can be taken with you anywhere and fits right in your bag. So you don't have to walk around with a huge foam roller.