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Dropcop - Wall-Mounted Trash Can

Color: White
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The Perfect Trash Can For Your Kitchen

Dropcop saves you space and brings convenience around the kitchen. Giving you a helping hand to keep a more organized and tidy kitchen

Mounts on any cabinet and fold it when you don’t need it. Giving you easy access whenever you need it.

Dropcop is durable and has a high load capacity. With the sweeper tool you can quickly sweep the waste from the counter and throw it directly into the bin.

Save time and space around the kitchen with Dropcop. Giving you a more easy and convenient way to tidy up the kitchen.

Key benefits

Easily mountable- It takes a second to mount it on cabinets or car seats. Dropcop fits perfectly anywhere around the kitchen.

Convenient- Dropcop can be folded when not used. It’s spacious and easy to empty without the excessive reach like your normal trash can.

Perfect appliance- The best trash can to have around the house. Whether it's your kitchen, bedroom or small office space we've got you covered.

Our Guarantee- If for any reason you feel that this product isn't for you feel free to send us an e-mail at our store address and we'll promptly refund your money. No questions asked.