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Smartsteril - UV Phone Disinfectant Kit


Keep your phone germ-free with Smartsteril

This UV Sanitizer is the perfect cleaning tool for electronics. The UV lights eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria, keeping your essentials fresh and clean.

Smartsteril is perfect for disinfecting phones of all sizes as well as toothbrushes, watches, jewelry, keys, and every other small object you can think of.

It’s easy to use, just put your items in the box and press the button. In 5 minutes everything inside will be disinfected.

Powered by a USB charger you can take it anywhere with you for quick sanitization. Equipped with a special aromatherapy function brings a pleasant fragrance to your essentials.

With Smartsteril you can keep your essentials germ-free and fresh at all times. The smart cleaning solution to germ-infested electronics is here.

Key benefits

Eliminating bacteria- The UV lights destroy 99.99% of bacteria while keeping items safe. So you never have to worry about any harmful germs infecting you.

Ergonomic design- Smartsteril is compact and easy to use. With its USB charger, you can use it from anywhere. Whether you're in the car, at home, or even running errands we've got you covered.

Adding freshness- Bring a nice aroma to your phone while sanitizing it at the same time. Leaving you a pleasant smell without it being too strong.